Master Plan

In 1998, Horizon's Board of Trustees began formulating a vision of a new campus as part of our "second to none" initiative and to address capacity, resources, and facilities issues. In 2002, the vision began to take shape with the donation of five acres of beautifully scenic property at the corner of 8th and Pacific Avenues in Hood River, Oregon which was destined to become our new campus.

In November of 2005, construction began on a 51,000 square foot building and in November of 2006, the school moved into the completed portions of the building which included all of the classrooms, science labs, computer labs, a media center, band/music rooms, art studio, offices, and meeting rooms. The new campus has a capacity of 280, with an eventual school capacity of 475 with classroom expansion options.

In June of 2007, we announced a new capital drive to complete the gym called Hoops 07 and the new gym was completed in time for Horizon's baskball team's last scheduled season's game in February 2008.

The next major project occured during the 2012 summer when the first stage of the cafeteria was completed. This allows students to now eat in the cafeteria space.

The final two projects left to complete the current master plan include:

  1. Completing the Cafeteria, Kitchen, Stage and storage areas which will provide a permanent hot lunch facility capable of feeding more than 200 students at a time. In addition, the Cafeteria will be equipped for stage productions and will seat more than 600 people for special events.
  2. A variety of smaller projects including finishing touches on the athletic fields such as seating, concession stands, and outdoor storage of equipment.

Completion of the final two projects represents about 6% of the cost of the total campus construction project cost. These final two projects will be completed after funding has been identified and received.

A summary of the cost of the new campus is provided below:

  • Total Project cost of $8,000,000
  • Replacement cost near $10,000,000 today

Project Costs

Phase I
Phase II
(Gym & Cafeteria(
Phase III
(Athletic Fields)
Budget at Beginning of Construction
Spending to-date
Approximate Balance to Compete - at retail
$ 50
Total Project Costs
% of Original Budget