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Horizon HomeSchool Friday Course Descriptions 2018-2019

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Friday Homeschool Schedule 2018-2019


All courses listed below are included in the Level 2 Horizon Homeschool Packages. Families may participate in as many classes as they please in addition to the other benefits of the Package on the Level 2 Options. (See Homeschool Options: 2018-19 Summary of Options) Homeschool families enrolled in the Level 1 Program Options may participate in two classes of their choice. Homeschool families wishing to participate in Friday Classes only, without signing up for the entire Homeschool Packages, may sign up for one of the following classes on an a la carte basis for $200.00 + materials fee each course per student (Limit: 1 class; Additional $150 for full curriculum class).

Intro to Basic Conversational Spanish (20 student max)
Instructor: Melissa Hardin
Grades 5th-8th grade (older students w/teacher permission)    

Students will explore basic conversational Spanish through the art and practice of storytelling.  Units will be themed rotating quarterly: outdoors, at-home, at-school, at-market.  Students will be engaged using whole language and total physical response.

Latin 2 (20 student max)
Instructor: Laurel Armerding
Grades 5th-12th                                                                                       

This will be a course designed for students who have previously completed the Latin 1 course. Some assignments may be sent home for students to practice throughout the week.

Language Arts 
Instructor: Jennifer Tomka
Grades 4th-6th
Grades 7th-12th

Your student will have an opportunity to learn a new topic each quarter in a fun, interactive environment. We will be covering literature, speech, creative writing, and research writing. Each quarter we will focus on an in-depth look at these topics. Our literature unit will be spent reading, discussing, and reviewing a book together. In speech, we will focus on writing, presenting, and becoming familiar with speeches. Creative writing will stretch your student’s imagination through all new topics and genres while also growing their writing ability. Finally, learning how to find, compile, and write an organized research paper is a challenging task that we will master in this unit. This course also has the option to be a full year curriculum which involves work throughout the school week with check ins on Fridays that coordinate with what students are learning at home.

This class will have grade specific Full Curriculum or class only options.

Marine Biology
Instructor: Debbie Schlegel
Grades 4th-6th
Grades 7th–12th

This year our Homeschool students will have an amazing opportunity to study the field of Marine Biology with our credentialed biology teacher, Mrs. Schlegel. The course will cover many aspects of science including Zoology, Ecology and even a little Physics as we study through the unique marine biome. Students can sign up for full year curriculum or just come and learn about science through our time together that can accent any science program your student may already have planned. The diverse options make this class available to you in a way that best fits your unique homeschool needs and budget.

Grades K-3

Grades K-3
Grades 4-6

Grades K-12

Other Possible Educational Options and Details
Homeschool Students in grades 7-12 are encouraged to come at 8:00 for chapel if they would like, and to eat lunch with Horizon students.  There are also Intensives, Horizon study groups and Academic workshops that Homeschoolers signing up for the full program can choose to take rather than the homeschool courses.  This makes lots of different options for a student to tailor the program to fit their personal educational plan.  Students who sign up for the full program and take advantage of all Friday school offers can spend the day Friday at Horizon from 8:00am-3:00pm.

Student Integration Program
Horizon plans to begin a Student Integration Program with the Friday homeschool courses.  This program saves a certain number of spots in our homeschool courses for regular Horizon students who express an interest in the subject matter of the course.  Not only do homeschool students have an option to attend Intensives, study groups and academic workshops with Horizon students, but Horizon students now get the opportunity to be in homeschool classes as well.   

Homeschool Package Description of Benefits
(Click here to download the Description of Benefits PDF file)

The Horizon Homeschool Package makes select Horizon programs and expertise available to homeschooling families to supplement and support home education, while covering associated costs and connecting Horizon with missionally appropriate families and students. Click here to download the Summary by Benefits by Grade Level and Cost.

Click here to download the complete Homeschool Program packet.


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1. Extracurricular Activities (Elementary & Secondary)
The ability to participate in Horizon field trips, outdoor camps and retreats, mission trips, parent & student training, student school pictures, drama productions, and student leadership sponsored activities such as lock-ins and High School spring formal.

2. Educational Mapping (Elementary & Secondary)
Once yearly, Horizon will provide consultation services to analyze home education program, curriculum and progress, and make recommendations for future content.

3. Standardized Testing (1st-11th Grade)
Annual Terra Nova Testing, and PSAT Testing provided free of charge, including analysis of test results to help tailor educational content and address learning deficits.

4. Homeschool Track Classes (Grades 4-12)
An opportunity to enroll in weekly Friday classes for homeschoolers. The class options include Marine Biology (including full curriculum option for high school students), Language Arts, Latin 2, and Intro to Basic Conversational Spanish. The classes will fulfill a variety of educational needs including lab experiences from trained, qualified staff.  Some age restrictions may apply.  Materials fee may apply.

5. Horizon Fridays (Grades 7-12 Only)
A weekly Horizon experience including chapel, three hours of engaging classroom instruction, and the opportunity to eat lunch and hang out with friends. Attendance earns .5 elective credits per semester from an accredited school.

6. Horizon Athletics (Grades 7-12; check on opportunities for 5th and 6th Graders)
The ability to fully participate in Horizon sports programs through Jr. High (students residing within any district boundaries) or High School (students residing within Hood River District boundaries) at standard Horizon Sports Fees.

7. Transcript Services (Grades 9-12 Only)

Horizon will, as a component of its ongoing curriculum review, generate and house transcripts for participating students – indicating coursework completed, credits earned, etc. - using the same methodology in place for Horizon transfer students.

8. Dual Enrollment Opportunities (Grades 11-12 Only)

Access to Grand Canyon University Dual enrollment courses at Horizon prices ($52.50/credit plus book fee). Access to Grand Canyon University ALPHA scholarships for homeschoolers.

Pricing and Options for 2018-19 

(Click here for Summary of Benefits by Grade Level and Cost PDF file)

Level 1 Program Options 

    Kindergarten - Grade 3 ($300) 

  1. Half day: 2 Classes, Lunch, Recess, & Chapel
  2. Field Trips**
  3. Standardized Testing (Gr 1-3)
  4. Educational Mapping 

    Grades 4-12 ($370) 

  1. Homeschool Classes (Your choice of 2 out of 4 classes)
  2. Lunch, Recess, & Chapel
  3. Extracurricular Activities** (Field Trips, Camps for Gr 6-12) 
  4. Educational Mapping 
  5. Standardized Testing 

Level 2 Program Options

    Grades 4-6 ($580)

  1. Homeschool Classes: 4 classes
  2. Extracurricular Activities** (Field Trips, 6th Gr Outdoor Camp)
  3. Horizon Athletics** (Request information about availability)
  4. Educational Mapping
  5. Standardized Testing

    Grades 7-8 Full ($685) 

  1. Full Day of Classes of Your Choice: Homeschool & Horizon Options
  2. Extracurricular Activities** (Field Trips, Camps)
  3. Horizon Athletics**
  4. Educational Mapping 
  5. Standardized Testing 

    Grades 9-12 Full ($790) 

  1. Full Day of Classes of Your Choice: Homeschool & Horizon Options
  2. Dual Enrollment Class Opportunities
  3. Extracurricular Activities** (Field Trips, Camps)
  4. Educational Mapping 
  5. Standardized Testing 
  6. Horizon Athletics 
  7. Transcription Services

      *You may add one homeschool classes a la carte for $200/course/student (Limit: 1 class; Additional $150 for full curriculum class). 

   **Please note that Homeschool Track classes, Dual Enrollment classes, and some Extracurricular Activities may have additional charges to cover materials fees and costs associated with the nature of those activities. It is advised that you request information regarding those extra fees.

  ***Multiple student discounts: 20% for 2nd Student, 30% for 3rd Student

****Payment plan available upon request.  Email Carol at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or call    (541) 436-3207.