Junior High

Junior High years are vitally important in the development of the early teen years. Students will be challenged and prepared for senior high school. Junior High is also a time when students experience changing classes, lockers, and having the opportunity for overnight retreats. Students also tackle science projects, research projects, take electives, and enjoy physical education daily.

Student Code of Honor
One of the goals of Horizon Christian School is to promote Christian character. In keeping with the goal, students are responsible to follow Biblical standards of conduct as part of their growth to maturity. The Bible gives us many principles for living, but the following have been identified as specific guidelines for student behavior. Click here to download the Student Code of Honor.

Horizon Junior High Overview

Classroom Structure for all Junior High Grades: Traditional seven period schedule. Students meet in seven 55-minute periods for the entire year.Service Project Diapers

School Day:
8:00 am to 3:00 pm
Start: First Tuesday following Labor Day
End: Mid-June
Major Breaks: Thanksgiving, Christmas, Spring

Seventh Grade Overview
Eighth Grade Overview


Seventh Grade Overview

In order to be Christian leaders in the future, students are taught to be Christians in thought, word and deed. Students are taught the Bible as God's inspired word, true history, and beautiful literature. The Bible always has a call to action so the course focuses on current personal and cultural relevance through reading, studying, and memorizing. Students are given a personal understanding of basic principles in living out the Christian life.

Life Science
Beginning with an introduction to the foundations of science, including the scientific method, students embark on a study of living things, cell structure, cell reproduction and genetics, and plant anatomy. The second semester is spent studying the animal kingdom with a focus on the vertebrates. Laboratory work includes studies with the microscope, the cell and cell processes, and worm and frog dissections. Intelligent design and random evolution are discussed along with the structure and function of the human body.

Course helps students gain a mastery of the disciplines of basic math and introduces them to several disciplines of advanced math. The major units of study are: whole numbers, fractions, decimals, ratios and proportions, percents, measurements, finances, graphs and statistics, math in daily life, introduction to algebra, mathematical geography, plane geometry, solid geometry, the Pythagorean Rule, and trigonometry. Based on teacher recommendation, 7th grade students may choose to take Pre-Algebra as Math coursework in place of 7th grade math class. See course description for Pre-Algebra in the grades 9-12 section.

Language Arts
Course focuses on cementing mechanics in the areas of reading and writing using a variety of activities that accommodate all learning styles. Students explore vocabulary, grammar, and mechanics through the reading and study of several works of classical literature.

World Studies
An overview of world history, cultural studies, and geography is given, investigating both western and eastern traditions from the late middle ages to the present. Students gain an appreciation for the major civilizations and cultures that have risen and fallen in the second millennia.

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Eighth Grade Overview

In order to learn how to win spiritual battles, the students will engage in the studies of: God's army, the enemy, the enemy's territory, basic training, defensive and offensive weapons, how-to-apply these strategies, enemy propaganda, setting the captives free, delivering the demonized, and preparing for the final conflict. Memory work, note taking, class discussions, tests, and current events will be used to measure level of comprehension

Earth Science
Students will explore and experience a variety of areas within the discipline of Earth science. From a celestial body and its impact in the universe to the specific design of its environment of the atmosphere, lithosphere, and hydrosphere, emphasis will focus on reading, making observations, discussion, and application. Theories of intelligent design and evolution are discussed throughout the course. Field trips may accompany our understanding in making observations and measurements as young scientists.

Lessons begin with practice of basic number facts and mental math. The accompanying problem-solving activities give students practice using strategies that will help solve more complicated problems. Practice problems that focus on the topic of the lesson are included at the close of each lesson. Based on teacher recommendation, 8th grade students may choose to take Pre-Algebra or Algebra I as Math coursework in place of 8th grade math class. See course description for Pre-Algebra and Algebra I in the grades 9-12 section.

United States History
Students will study the history of the United States from a Christian perspective and relate the events of history to the major events of today through discussion and presentation of current events. Major units of study are: Age of Exploration, Colonial America, The War for Independence, the 19th Century, the 20th Century, and the 21st Century.

Language Arts
Students will explore vocabulary, grammar, and writing largely through classical literature. Students will be given many opportunities to express their own thoughts and ideas in writing, putting into practice grammar skills and vocabulary usage.

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Junior High Electives

Speech & Logic
This course seeks to improve student skills in thinking and speaking clearly, creatively, and confidently. Students will receive instruction and practice in creative and critical thinking including chess, codes and ciphers, scientific reasoning, brainstorming, problem solving, recognizing faulty reasoning, etc. Students will develop and deliver a number of speeches over the course of the year in informative, persuasive, humorous and debate settings utilizing outline, full-text, memorized, and off-the-cuff presentations. As a course requirement students will participate in the ACSI winter speech meet.

Encore! Computer: Grades 7 & 8 (duration - 1 quarter)
A student taking Encore! will choose 2 of 3 Encore! classes.  This part of this Encore! will involve computer training.  Students will spend time in the computer lab learning computer basics including some rudimentary web design and programming.  It will provide a solid platform for those considering a computer career.

Encore! Art: Grades 7 & 8 (duration - 1 quarter)
A student taking Encore! will choose 2 of 3 Encoure! choices.  The Encore! Art course will involve art components of basic painting, drawing, and sculpting among other foundational art skills.

Encore! Woodworking: Grades 7 & 8 (duration - 1 quarter)
A student taking Encore! will choose 2 of 3 Encore! classes.  This section of Encore! will equip students with basic woodworking skills.  Students will use handtools to complete a wood box hand for storage or decoration.

Concert Band (offered to all 7th-8th grade students / includes 9-12th grade students)
Prerequisite: two years band experience or acceptance by the music director
Artistically challenging and technically difficult musical selections provide students with the opportunity to further advance in their musical abilities. Concerts, mass bands and musical reviews offer students the opportunity to experience the joys and challenges of becoming more accomplished musicians.

Physical Education 
Course introduces students to team sports, competition, and Christian sportsmanship. Students receive instruction in the rules, history, and strategies of various sports, such as: golf, football, table tennis, and cross-country. Emphasis is on developing skills and fundamentals, as well as integrating a personal plan for regular physical exercise. Students are encouraged to develop a positive attitude toward their individual fitness and God-given potential, and are provided with an opportunity to learn life-long skills, enabling them to participate in sports and build a foundation for a healthy self-image. "In whatever you do, do it heartily unto the Lord rather than unto men." Colossians 3:23




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