In addition to the Tuition Assistance program, Horizon has a number of donor provided scholarship programs. These programs fall into two general categories:

  • Scholarship programs to provide incentives for new students to attend Horizon and are normally for the first year only.
  • Scholarships that include specific award criteria that may be unique to each scholarship donor.

Scholarships may be combined with tuition assistance.

Families desiring to apply for a scholarship:

  • Have made a financial aid application in the manner specified and in the timeframe required on the financial aid application form.
  • Complete within the timeframes specified in the Scholarship Application, all required information in a complete and accurate manner.
  • Be in continuing compliance with all the standards contained in the "Admission Policy" of Horizon Christian School.
  • Pay for all charges not covered by a Financial Aid allocation or by a Scholarship Award by the due date shown on each monthly billing.

General Award Considerations

  • Eligibility for Financial Aid
  • Parents support the Spiritual and Academic Goals of Horizon
  • Student achievement in both Spiritual and Academic Excellence
  • Parents and Student are engaged in service to their community
  • Other criteria specified by the Scholarship provider (donor)


Download Scholarship Application here.