Tuition Assistance

FACTS LogoHorizon Christian School desires to serve as many qualified students from families of all economic means as possible.  We do this by keeping tuition rates as low as possible and by developing non-tuition revenue sources for use in establishing and continuing the tuition assistance program. Currently, Horizon awards over $300,000 annually in need-based tution assistance.  (Income source: contributions) The purpose of tuition assistance is to fill the gap between the actual cost of base tuition and what a family can realistically be expected to pay toward this cost.  On average last year, we were able to cover 70% of a family's demonstrated need in the form of tuition assistance for those students who would best benefit from a Horizon education. Families in need of tuition assistance with students in any grade (K-12) are encouraged to apply. Click here to create/revise/complete your online Tuition Assistance needs through the FACTS program.

Families desiring to receive tuition assistance must:

  • Demonstrate in the manner specified and in the timeframe on the Tuition Assistance Application that the tuition costs for their student are in excess of their "Expected Family Contribution".
  • Complete within the timeframes specified in the Tuition Assistance Application all required information in a complete and accurate manner.
  • Be in continuing compliance with all the standards contained in the "Admission Policy" of Horizon Christian School.
  • Pay for all charges not covered by a tuition assistance allocation with an annual, pre-authorized bank debit or credit card transaction drawn on the first day of each month.

Award Considerations

  • The total amount of tuition assistance available in any school year is determined by the Horizon board of trustees as part of the annual budget process.
  • Tuition assistance is only available for tuition. Fees and other incidental expenses are not covered by the Tuition Assistance Policy.
  • Tuition assistance awards are determined annually but applied to accounts monthly and are subject to withdrawal in the case of families/students who fall out of compliance with any of the Eligibility requirements used in determining the annual award.

Award Determinations

The amount of tuition assistance awarded to any individual family is solely the discretion of Horizon Christian School.

For questions regarding tuition assistance, please call the Admissions Office at (541) 387-3200.

Horizon Christian School admits students of any race, color, and national and ethnic origin who are in agreement with its stated purpose, philosophy, and objectives.