Music & Drama

2017 Band

Band Director: Susan Wade
Elementary Music Director: Brian Stenberg

Performing Arts – The music program at Horizon Christian School develops in students an appreciation and understanding of music, allowing them to glorify God through their voices and musical instruments. Numerous opportunities are available for students to learn music theory and apply that knowledge. The curriculum develops aural skills, an understanding of music theory and form, and an appreciation of music through the study of music's historical development. Music recognition is taught through listening to selections from various composers. The students will actively grow in their musical gifts through movement, rhythm instruments, and singing. Further opportunities to expand musical skills include the band program. Performance opportunities are provided vocally and instrumentally in class and school performances. Musicals are also a part of the Horizon Christian School fine arts curriculum. Students will have opportunities to audition for parts as well as help design sets and stages. A spring performance will be scheduled each year.

Band Members

2017 Band Group


Grades 1 and 2

2017 grades 1 and 2 

Horizon Christian School thanks the following sponsors for their support for our music department:

Alpine Vet Hospital   UVA Spa - White Salmon, WA Ryans Automotive 
 Bats Motor Sports  Cascade Cliffs