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 Suessical JR™ - Coming March 6th & 7thSeussical Image

Horizon Christian School Theater Arts presents SEUSSICAL JR™ - a lively and entertaining event showcasing Dr. Seuss favorites!
Students of all ages have joined together to present to the community a lively and entertaining compilation of Dr. Seuss favorites such as Cat in the Hat, Horton Hears a Who, Gertrude McFuzz and more! Come laugh, sing along and enjoy an evening of family friendly entertainment.

General Admission - Adult $10
General Admission - Child (3-17 years) $7.50
General Admission - Child (0-2 years) Free *If sitting on a parents lap. Any child requiring their own seat must purchase a child's ticket.


All performances held in the Sanctuary at Horizon Christian School. Seating limited to 145 seats per show.

Cast Information:

       Rehearsal Calendar *updated 1/31/2020
       Song List with Characters



Based on the Works of DR. SEUSS


Course Description
MiyanaThe musical theatre course explores the Broadway style of music through theatre and vocals. Students are involved in the planning and developing of that year's musical and learn the backstage and background work as well as stage work. The course activities include costume design, stage design, technical design, sound and lighting, choreography, playwriting, improvisation, acting and vocal music. Students will produce a musical each spring.  There is a Q & A section at the end of this page.



Application of Learned Music and Techniques

Books and Materials
The students will be given handouts regarding current lessons. When it is time for the musical, each student will be given a script corresponding to their respective cast or crew part that is theirs to keep.

Compact Discs
Rehearsal CD's are encouraged for cast roles. In order to receive a rehearsal CD, the student must bring in a blank CD-R (Not a DVD!) in a case or sleeve. The CD's must be clearly labeled with the student's name.

Grading Practices
A quarterly grade will consist of performance attendance (if applicable), participation in rehearsals, application of learned music and drama techniques, practicing, class work and tests or quizzes at instructor's discretion. Approximate grade breakdown is as follows: school concerts and musical, 30%; daily participation, application in rehearsal, 40%; class work and homework, 25%; and tests or quizzes 5%.

This class will require each student to participate in all activities and learn all aspects of musical theatre. Each student will be learning musical stage skills, drama techniques, as well as choreography, directing and technical support aspects of musical theatre. The daily grade will reflect enthusiasm and attitude for the class as well as behavior during class. Extra rehearsals after school may be necessary just prior to each performance. Students are expected to attend those rehearsals they are scheduled in. If a problem arises, please let Mrs. Wade know as soon as possible. You will be presented with new music and drama techniques each quarter. Students will apply these techniques to the performances as well as committing the music, scripts, and staging of the performance to memory. Techniques will include posture, breathing, diction, pronunciation, projection, character, and others as needed. Students will be given assignments relating to the studies of music theatre, music history, and drama in class. What is not completed in class may be taken home to finish as homework and will be due the following class day. Students may also be given research assignments to complete throughout the course.

Attendance - Classroom and Concerts
Please refer to the school policies on absences and tardies for detailed information. Absences and tardies in excess of school policy may result in a grade reduction.

The student is part of a very important ensemble. EVERY concert will be considered mandatory. If you have a personal matter that arises and you cannot attend, PRIOR arrangements must be made with Mrs. Sullivan and the student will be required to complete a make-up assignment. We must act as a "team" and when one "player" is missing, the team does not play as well.

PDF file to download and read:

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Questions and Answers

When does Music Theatre meet?
The Music Theatre meets after school when rehearsing for a musical drama. Note: This time is subject to change per school year.

How can I get more information on the musical?
Rehearsal schedules will be sent via email and will be posted on the website. Copies of the musical will be available for parent check-out in the school library after the beginning of the school year.

Are there any costs?
No. We strive to make sure the program is offered to students at no added costs. Optional costs may occur if you decide to purchase props, set and costume items for your student. However, these are not necessary.

Are there concerts or programs that my child will participate in? 
Programs will be schduled based on interest and availability on school calendar. Adequate notice will be given to all students and families.

How do I sign my child up?
The class is an elective. Students will sign up for electives prior to the first day of class and they need sign up for the course on the respective sheet. Students not enrolled in music theatre may still be able to be involved with the performance.

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