ISP Description

Horizon Christian School does not currently offer ESL supportive classes for international students.  All international students are expected to carry a full course load and perform at the level of an American student fulfilling all academic requirements.

International Student applicants should be fluent in speaking, reading, and writing in English. Applicants should have a minimum SLEP score of at least 50, and be able to demonstrate writing and comprehension skills corresponding to the grade for which application is made. Horizon does not provide special ESL courses or additional tutoring in English. Arrangements for additional tutoring in English must be arranged by the applicant. Horizon may recommend local tutors for international students. A phone interview will also be part of the acceptance process.

Applicants who are newly enrolling are able to participate in extracurricular sports after they have been enrolled and paid all required fees. Horizon participates in the following sports under the jurisdiction of OSAA (the governing body for high school sports in the state of Oregon), Division 1. All students who come through CSIET-approved organizations may participate in OSAA-sponsored sport competitions. All others (students without a CSIET-approved company) may practice with the team, but must wait until their second year in Oregon to compete.

FALL sports – Soccer (boys and girls), and Volleyball (girls)
WINTER sports – Basketball (boys and girls)
SPRING sports – Baseball (boys), Golf (boys and girls) and Track & Field (boys and girls)

International students are placed with host families who are screened and approved by the school. Students are expected to engage in the family life regularly (including meals, normal house chores, personal room maintenance, and community and social functions).