Reasons Why to Enroll Your Children

Students were recently asked to answer the question, "What do you like about Horizon?" The answers revealed some main themes including people are nice, the teachers care, and Horizon prepares you for the future.

Here are just a few examples:
1st Grade - I like Horizon because we learn to be nice. We learn to pray and worship God. We learn math and we have fun. We sings songs and I love God. He teaches us to be good friends with a good smile.
4th Grade - Horizon is a school that loves kids. Nice teachers, nice friends, and lots of fun. We have the nicest gym in Hood River. We have lots of sports for you to play. My favorite is basketball. One of my favorite things is that I get to see all my friends every day. I love that we get to worship the Lord. I also like that the teachers are always willing to let you learn more. I love Horizon.
6th Grade - My school is a very wonderful school and I have a ton of reasons why I like it. One thing I like is that the teachers are so nice! (And they try to make learning really fun!) They will talk to you and enjoy a nice conversation but are still strict enough to control classes. Also I like that the students are respectful and kind. They won't bully people and it is rare to hear any unwholesome language. And lastly, my absolute favorite thing about Horizon is that I am able to express my love for Jesus and pray in class! Now you have it, the reasons why I love Horizon Christian School so much!
7th Grade - I love Horizon Christian because of the devoted teachers and the time they spend with the students. I also have spiritually changed because of the people here. They have shown me how to be a better person. Chapels are my favorite part. We have awesome people come and talk about God. Through chapel I have discovered a lot about myself.
12th Grade - Being a student at Horizon Christian School means you are going to be given the best education possible. It means being challenged to reach your full potential, realizing talents you didn't know you possessed. It means you will be surrounded by friends who will encourage and guide you. It means becoming a firm Christian surrounded by opportunities to serve God and your community. In other words, it means a home.