ISP Sports

Sports Eligibility

If you are interested in participating in the sports program at Horizon (soccer, volleyball, basketball, baseball, track, or golf) please consider the following policies:

  1. If you come to HCS through an agency on the CSIET Advisory List (your agency can tell if it is), then you are qualified to compete in sports during your first year at Horizon.  If your agency is not on the list or if you have come to Horizon independently, you are not qualified to play sports during the first year unless you are coming as a freshman (grade 9).
  2. If you qualify under Policy 1 and you come as a sophomore, junior or senior (grades 10, 11, 12),  you are only qualified for the first year.
  3. If you come as a freshman (grade 9), you are eligible for all 4 years if you do not transfer to a new school.
  4. If you come through a non-CSIET agency or if you transfer from another school in the US, you are not eligible until your second year at Horizon.  (You may practice during your first year, but you may not play in season competitions.)
  5. If you quality for sports, you must keep your grades above a C in each course.
  6. Sports fees are included in the international student fee and will not require additional payment.

These rules have been established by the Oregon School Activities Association (OSAA) and to be a member in good standing, Horizon seeks to comply with OSAA regulations.

For OSAA rules please see www.osaa.org/docs/forms/ForeignStudentEligibilityChecklist.pdf

For CSIET advisory list, please see www.csiet.org