International Student Program Tuition and Fees

Annual Cost Per Student for 2019/2020 (download PDF file)

Annual Enrollment and Application Fees



2019-2020 Horizon Tuition (grades 9-12)

$   9,150

Returning students: $8,980 (2018-19 rate)

International Student Fee

$   6,000

Annual fee

International Student Application Fee

$      250

One-time fee due at application: non-refundable

Host Family Room & Board Fee

$   7,500

10 months at $725 per month

Medical Insurance - based on ten months, if student needs valid insurance in U.S.

$   1,000

$100 per month, 10 months
Waived if student has independent policy

New Student
Returning Student


Subtract $1,000 if you have your own insurance.

Payment for tuition, and all related fees may be made by bank check or sent directly to the Horizon Christian School bank account by wire transfer. Please contact the admissions office (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)  for wire transfer instructions.

Payment is due at the time you arrive for the start of classes. Tuition may be paid in its entirety before the first day of classes or paid in two equal installments with the fall semester paid on or before September 1 and the spring semester paid on or before January 15. Students are not allowed to begin classes in any term in which their tuition is not yet paid. Once the student has entered their first day of class, tuition for that term is non-refundable.

The Room & Board fee is collected from the ISP student’s family before the first day of classes and paid to the host family through the current semester regardless of the length of time the student is actually living with the host family. The Room & Board fee for the Horizon host family is paid to the host family monthly by Horizon Christian School.

Additional Fees or Discounts

Sports Fees - A Sport Fee is charged each season for participation in sports. The Sport Fee varies by grade and sport. The Sport Fee must be paid separately by the participants prior to the first practice of that season. In addition, a student must have had a medical Physical Exam within six months of the start of the season. The Horizon ISP application medical release is sufficient if it is less than six months old.

See program information and student application for sports eligibility rules.

Bus Service Fee - There is a fee for riding the Horizon school bus, if a student lives in an outlying area where bus service is provided. The Bus Fees and Schedule will be posted prior to the start of the school year.